The Tinian Island Report

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Do you know the name of island "Tinian"?
The northern Pacific Ocean which is located in about 2500 km of the south-south-east of Japan.(NORTH15, EAST145)
The island belongs to the Commonwealth of Northern Mariana Islands(CNMI). That's the self-government territory of U.S.
Saipan, Rota and so on too.
It became a trip out of the expectation of typhoon passage,but I think that was a great experience of travel.
Well,let me introduce you to beautiful Tinian.


Map of Tinian island

(Click and see the large sizeCplease)

My experience travel book

The 1st day ( The 15th ) We stayed at Izumisano City which has Kansai international airport.
The 2nd day ( The 16th ) The airplane couldn't fly due to the typhoon.We had to stay in Izumisano City.
The 3rd day ( The 17th ) We could fly to Saipan finally. The plan was changed to the Tinian in that day,
but the domestic could not fly due to the heavy wind.
But I could stay in Saipan.Thanks a typhoon.
We went to the Banzai cape,the historical site in the war of the Pacific Ocean
In the island, it was in the decoration of the Christmas and the illuminations.
It was very wonderful.

The view of Garapan from a hotel ( A big picture is seen when clicking a photograph )

The 4th day ( The 18th ) The domestic got back to normal. Let's go to the Tinian island!

The domestic plane.

The right is the boardingpass.

In front of the Tinian airport, the cannon which was used for the war was left just as the monument.

( The left ) The bus of Meitetsu Fleming Hotel
It is old type but it is carrying a staying visitor actively.
( The right ) Meitetsu Fleming Hotel
( Big picture is seen when clicking )

Japanese staffs are working.
Of course, guidance is received also in Japanese.
But at night,it is careful because the front desk employee
has gone back except a guardman.
Room was so nice. I think that good for everyperson from
anywhere.'Cause,I felt wonderful southern wave there.

There are a supermarket and a restaurant of Meitetsu the next to the Fleming Hotel.
( Big picture is seen when clicking a photograph )
Most are a Japanese product at the supermarket. Day things such as instant noodles and razors
and sandals in Japan. Prices is same as in Japan.
It sells the T-shirt of the Tinian island original design by 15 dollars.
The design changes every year.
I recommend that very much.People was putting all on.
Please the beer and the soft drink at the restaurant

In addition to this, there are many settlers from Korea in San Jose village and a lot of supermarkets of Korean,too,here and there.
I bought Yinsam extract and Kimchi ramen. Insam extract was good for tiredness.
Please try ethnic flavor.
At the store speak in Korean,but sure,in English OK.

We headed for the trip to the northern part on the island.The state of the former fierce battle is left.

The map of San Jose ( A big picture is seen when clicking )

At the entrance of San Jose, there is a signboard to warmly greet to the people who came to island.
" HAFA ADAI" is a word "Welcome" or "Hello" in Chamorro.
Warm faces of the people in village are coming up. ( A big picture is seen when clicking )

San Jose Catholic church.

The Hinode shrine
Once surine was a spirit of Japanese.
The gate of shrine"torii" and light tower "toro" fell and it broken by a typhoon in these 50 and more years.
The tree which can be seen in the photograph right,was laid in the typhoon this time.

The atomic bomb loading spot 1
The U.S. army Hagoi air base trace which is in the north on the island.
The atom bomb which was dropped on Hiroshima was loaded into the Enora Gay plane from this spot.

The atomic bomb loading spot 2
It is in 3 minutes on foot from No.1.
The atomic bomb which was dropped on Nagasaki was loaded into B29 from here and took off.
The palm trees were planted at the 1 and No.2 spot. Both were planted after the war.
The tree at 2 spot grew up higher, but the tree at 1 spot won't grow up,
People tried to plant in many times.
But Why?

The spout seashore
It is in the east of the Hagoi air base. The hole is being contented with rock on the coral reef
and water finishes blowing several meters of 10 every time the wave washes.

The old navy of Japan command trace

The pillar of concrete is cut by ship's gun shooting.
A cookhouse and a bathroom, a lavatory, reservoir trace and so on are left now,
And the life of the soldiers can see.

The Carolinas plateau ( Banzai Cliff)

Some Japanese jumped off The author at Banzai Cliff The Carolinas plateau
from this place and it broke off a life. Some relics are sleeping The handrail made from the iron
The height is so horrible. in wave still now. was made for the excursion.
I shuddered in terror when I That was broken down in sea breeze.
was looking down.

Once,there was a war here,but now just wave washes the rock with clear blue.

Chulu Beach
The small seashore which is in the northwestern part on the island.
It is famous in the place where U.S. army was landed.
Now, it becomes the place for relaxation. There is stellar sand in the seashore.

The shelter
Japanese hided ship's gun shooting. they had broken by cannonball.
Being dim in in the daytime, it endures the cannonball which lashes at noon and night as rainy,
They stood darkness and dreadful bombing sound and starvation.

The view of San Jose from highland
The central part of island San Jose Village was seen from the hill on our way returning.
The cavern trace where the Japanese struggled against the hunger by the field battle
near the place to have taken this photograph was seen.

Kammer Beach(It is seen with the big screen when clicking a photograph)

A sandy beach is in the southeastern part in San Jose village.
locally, it is called Jones Beach,too. When we were exactly,
It was just before of the Christmas.
People in the village gathered a lot of food and prepared a
party in the cheerful music.

Kammer Beach has a party house. On that day, that crowds of persons were working busily for party.
They coooked the traditional food roast whole pork.
Children played basketball and soccer.The school vacation had started when the same as in Japan.

I felt feelings on the island in the south to want to be forgetting time for a while.

The Taga House ( It is seen with the big screen when clicking a photograph) .
In the south of village where can see a harbor,a fuge stones were piled.
there were some of megalith civilizationin in islands on the Pacific Ocean.
For what they were made? The clear answer isn't known.
This Taga House is pictured at the flag of Northern Mariana Federation, too.
It is a symbol of this area.

The 5th day ( The 19th )

In my free time,I got a rent-a-cycle service of Fleming's.
Don't you think it suits palm and bicycle,do you?
The rent-a-cycle was popular. I could the bicycle of the photograph was barely borrowed

The guardman of Fleming Hotel
The man in the photo spoke me in English casually.
He is from Nepal.
He was very gentle.
Two guardmen take turn watching in a night.

The 6th day ( The 20th ) We backed home via Saipan.

"The Tinian recollection"
Tinian, Saipan become the island of the resort ready, but the relics of the war talk to you,how precious the peace,and
how precious the life.Please learn and take the fortune of peace to do the valuable of the life. No more war!
( We used the word of the man who guided us.)

In case of this home page making, I thank staffs of Fleming hotel for allowing to carry the hotel,
and then I thank everyone in Tinian for your warm hearts .

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